Coaching Programs

Platinum Plus+ Plan - The ultimate coaching package for the athlete who wants unparalleled service and attention! The Platinum Plus+ Plan is limited to the select few who want maximum advisement, feedback, one-on-one consultation, performance testing and unlimited access to your coach.

Platinum Plan - The Platinum Plan is for the athlete who wants a high level of coaching with plenty of personal interaction and close monitoring of your progress. The Platinum Plan is limited to those who want regular advisement, feedback, one-on-one consultation and performance testing.

Playtri Plan - The Playtri Plan is for the athlete who wants a plan developed around their individual needs and goals with regular contact and feedback. The Playtri Plan is for those who want regular advisement, feedback and one-on-one consultation.

Consulting - The consulting package is designed for the athlete who is looking for assurance that their training and taper for their major goals are right on target.

Personal Training Personal training provides personal sessions for biking, running, swimming, transition and weight training.

Corporate Training - Corporate wellness/fitness programs don’t have to be generic or boring. Corporations that want to reduce turnover and manage health care costs are looking at new programs that are fun and challenging.

Coaching Programs