Performance Testing


Teach Your Body to Burn More Fat. Playtri's Performance Testing facility is the only one of its kind in Texas offering:

Bike & Run Heart Rate Testing

  • Determination of training heart rate zones using blood lactate measurements
  • Provides an athlete with their optimal training zones based on their lactate threshold

Endurance athletes spend the majority of their training hours just below their lactate threshold. Playtri's testing has been refined over the last 10 years to calculate your zones as accurately as possible to ensure the highest quality training.

Bike Power Zone Testing

  • Determination of optimal power zones for the bike in conjunction with heart rate zones

Training with power on the bike gives an athlete an additional layer of precision with their training by providing an instantaneous measurement of work telling an athlete exactly how hard they are riding at any given moment as well as detailed files for themselves or a coach to evaluate after each workout.

Bike & Run Calorie Expenditure Testing

  • Measures the precise amount of calories an athlete burns across all heart rate zones
  • Calculates the specific amount of carbohydrates and fat calories used at each heart rate

Critical for determining your individual pacing and nutrition strategies as well as your general nutrition needs.

Bike & Run VO2max Testing

  • Measurement of aerobic capacity through maximum oxygen consumption

Gives a gauge of current cardiovascular fitness and maximum aerobic power.

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

  • Measures a person's resting metabolic rate with a simple 15 minute breathing test
  • Determine exactly how many calories each person uses on a daily basis to maintain function

Knowing this number is crucial to setting up a person's general nutrition needs, ensuring athletes trying to lose weight do so safely and without hurting their performance, and giving an athlete that is training for peak performance the knowledge that they are optimally fueling for each day's training.


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